Use existing low voltage controls:The e.STAT is designed specifically to monitor and override an existing low-voltage control loop and incorporate data from existing sensors into the system. It is ideal for controlling AC units by installing it on the thermostat loop wiring in the AC. It can be powered by the thermostat loop wiring or it can be connected to an external 24V power supply. The unit has two low voltage relays on board, which can control an existing low voltage switch such as a thermostat to shut off the load. The unit also has the capability to interface with other existing sensors and incorporate readings from them into its data protocol. The unit can easily be installed by a qualified cabling technician and requires minimal electrical wiring.

When connected to an existing thermostat loop, the unit is able to monitor the thermostat and record when it calls for heating and cooling. There are also connectors for the on board relays so that the thermostat control loop can be interrupted to turn the AC off. The unit has an on-board FCC compliant radio to provide data via a wireless network and can also be paired wirelessly to other Akida hardware.


The unit can be connected directly to an existing thermostat loop at the AC and override its control loop to turn the AC off. The product uses its on-board sensors to monitor the thermostat loop and report when it calls for heating and cooling. The unit can be easily configured to connect other sensors such as fluid meters and pressure sensors to incorporate their readings into the system data protocol. The on board patented TARAS energy management data system can then provide real-time digital readings. This data is then relayed using RF wireless frequency of 2.4GHz to a remote Energy Gateway processor in an EMP or a Control Server. When the on-board, micro- relays receive the appropriate signal from the Energy Gateway Processor, they will open to turn the AC off. The e.STAT, when integrated into a system such as e.LOK or watt.GAUGE will help in understanding of the cost of operating electrical equipment/appliances in a building and help the user manage consumption and therefore save on energy costs.


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