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We are recognized as the technical and competitive leader for equipment for monitoring electrical energy parameters for energy management and operational systems.

Our focus is on providing cost-efficient and reliable hardware to solution providers who need real-time energy related data. Our innovative, patented TARAS energy efficiency technology enables us to provide cost-effective and easy-to-install hardware.

Our strength is expertise in wireless and IOT connectivity and proven solutions for real-time data acquisition. We invite you to review our hardware components, which provide real-time data on more than fifty parameters for electricity for discrete circuits and environmental factors for the monitored space. Note that our hardware forms a two-way wireless communication network and has built-in capability for a programmable control option.

If your Cloud-based, analytics SAS platform requires granular, real-time data, our hardware will integrate seamlessly into your system. We can assist SCADA system integrators who want to include electrical data in monitoring and control of industrial equipment. Our hardware can easily be integrated into building automation systems to provide demand control based on real time energy data.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how our hardware can help advance the energy management capability of your systems.


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