eLOK Demand Control

Reduce electricity bills by managing demand & conservation

The eLOK Demand Control system can be stacked onto the eLOK Monitoring and Efficiency system to provide proactive automated control over your demand with automated controllers. With automated control of your consumption, peak demand can be flattened to a preset limit which sharply curtails demand charges, leading to substantial savings. Everything still runs but for shorter periods and on a staggered schedule to pre-emptively manage the peak demand.

The system’s energy conservation algorithms enable you to automatically curtail run times of equipment based on preset criteria to reduce energy consumption and meet your carbon footprint goals.

The flexible configuration allows you to tailor the control algorithms to your budgetary needs so that the return on solar and demand control investment can be maximized.

Additional details on how the eLOK Demand Control system works:

  1. The EGP’s Zigbee antenna is paired to remote control nodes in the secure Zigbee Private Area Network.
    1. Remote control nodes have relays that can turn off devices. These control nodes can operate at line voltage and are rated at 20A to directly shut off power on a circuit. Alternatively, control nodes can override low voltage control loops such as thermostat circuits to turn off equipment. The control nodes receive a command via Zigbee, from the EGP to open or close the control relay.
    2. Data from remote sensors can be utilized in set points for the system configuration so that the EGP can fine tune the control algorithms to meet your criteria e.g. maintain a temperature limit based on occupancy.
  2. The base system has eight monitoring nodes, one remote air conditioner controller and one remote environment sensor. This configuration allows automatic control of one air conditioner. Additional monitoring nodes and air conditioner controllers can be easily added to cover all the equipment in a house. We recommend that all air conditioners be monitored and controlled for optimal demand control.
  3. The EGP configuration can also have saved “easy button” set-it-and-forget-it configurations.