Control Server

Akida’s powerful stand-alone Control Server unit serves as the Energy Gateway Processor (EGP) in it’s systems for all the data generated by the Monitors and Controllers. It has an external low voltage power supply. The EGP is usually mounted directly inside an emp panel.

It has an external USB antenna for the wireless connectivity with all the Akida hardware via an FCC compliant 2.4GHz Private Area Network. USB cable connectivity is also possible with emp panels.

It can be optioned to be WiFi enabled for wireless connectivity with an existing Internet router or it can be connected using an Ethernet cable.

The on board proprietary Enermodo system software is used to configure the system and data, collection and processing. The EGP is fully capable of functioning locally without Internet access.

Internet access is requireded to:

  • Receive software updates
  • Technical support
  • Remote access to the dashboard
  • Use the App
  • Interface with automation platforms such as Alexa

The Control Server EGP with our proprietary Enermodo software:

  • Gathers real time data
  • Parses the data
  • Streams parsed data to any Cloud address via an API
  • Performs basic analytics for trends and anomalies
  • Sends notifications via the Cloud
  • Operates relays in Akida controllers to control demand