Our TARAS technology has been used to develop component products that create a digital data network with two-way communication to provide real time energy management data. The products have been thoughtfully designed to be modular to provide the greatest flexibility for monitoring remote equipment scattered across a facility.

All hardware is available for single-phase or three-phase electrical grids.

Our Monitors and Controllers are available as single nodes or as multi-node panels.

When multiple, dedicated circuits for high power equipment are to be monitored at one location such as a circuit breaker panel, our panel configuration which provides multiple nodes is cost efficient and requires minimal installation effort.

Panel hardware options are designed for single-phase and three-phase application.

The panels can be paired with most of our other hardware for an integrated solution to any electrical monitoring and control requirement.

The panel systems have an on-board Energy Gateway Processor which is the interface point for getting access to the data. Systems with multiple panels can network the Energy Gateway Processors and one of them can be designated as the system control server where data is aggregated and transferred to the Cloud.

Panel Components