HVAC Installation and Repair Companies

Akida can partner with HVAC companies to create value for your customers. Akida systems can be packaged with HVAC systems to increase ROI, improve functionality and differentiate your proposal. We have made continuous real-time monitoring easy and affordable. This data and notifications gives you the capability to:

  • Offer remote monitoring of HVAC systems for a subscription fee
  • Proactively schedule maintenance and repairs based on notifications from the Akida system
  • Partner with Akida to create uniquely tailored notifications based on your technical expertise

We utilize AI based analytics on the data collected, to create value in multiple ways:

  1. Trends are examined because they could be early indicators of maintenance issues causing waste of energy. Notifications are generated automatically to help improve efficiency. For example:
    1. Notifications can alert you when an air conditioner is drawing a lot more power – a usual indicator of maintenance needed, and a prompt repair minimizes waste and cost.
    2. Run-time increases for a cooling system could be an indicator of reduced cooling capacity due to refrigerant loss. Unfortunately, the compressor still consumes full power and runs longer to produce the same cooling, so the problem is masked! A notification flags when this happens, and the data allows the maintenance team to diagnose the problem quickly.
  2. Total run time is tracked and can serve as an indicator for routine maintenance. Notifications are generated based on run-time limits
  3. As the installer of the Akida system, you would be copied on all notifications and you can proactively contact your customer to schedule maintenance and repair.
  4. Our hardware/software platform has tremendous flexibility because our business model requires us to collaborate with channel partners to create uniquely tailored monitoring and notifications. We can adapt our systems to monitor any parameter that creates value for you.

The following table shows some examples of maintenance issues discovered via our monitoring notifications and AC maintenance companies were quickly able to address the problems.