Welcome to Akida, est. 2000

Corporate Purpose

We will be recognized as the technical and competitive leader in equipment to monitor electrical energy parameters and related data for energy management and operational systems.

We assist solutions providers and OEMs in utilizing AKIDA’s proprietary TARAS technology while maintaining innovative leadership in hardware design and cost efficiency.

Corporate Scope

Our strength is our understanding of real-time data acquisition, wireless and IOT connectivity and constructability in existing buildings. Our innovative TARAS technology makes it cost effective to provide electrical demand control in building automation and energy management systems. The granularity of the data and real-time access to the data is critical for Cloud-based, analytics SAS platforms that provide monitoring and control of industrial equipment. In this regard, we will pursue strategic partnerships with OEMs and system-integrators to develop and market applications of our technology.

Our technical team has proven expertise in innovation and engineering for technology and products in the specialized niche of PCB design for communication, controls and data acquisition for:

  • energy consumption monitoring
  • renewable power, battery systems
  • electricity demand management
  • data acquisition
  • RF communication
  • embedded systems
  • controller area networks (CAN)
  • motor/machine/process control
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