The emp.2 panel is the core of Akida’s e.LOK energy monitoring system targeted to solution providers offering demand management to residences and light, commercial buildings. The panel is a high ROI, cost-effective solution for the Green Eco-Home.

The emp.2 has a built in Energy Gateway Processor and can be configured for up to eight (8) nodes. Two nodes are dedicated to measure both legs (L1 and L2) of the building’s electrical demand. Two other nodes can monitor both legs of a renewable power source such as a solar array or a secondary main panel that is part of the building electrical demand. The remaining nodes can be configured to monitor the dedicated circuits for large loads such as air conditioners, water heaters and pool pumps. The panel can be paired to other e.LOK components such as e.STAT’s for control of air conditioners to reduce demand.

Full and flexible control of energy costs: The Energy Gateway Processor can be configured by a solution provider to automate demand management to reduce energy costs. The emp.2 is unique in that it has built-in intelligence, which includes individual power consumption monitoring of the loads being controlled so that software control can ensure appropriate loads are shut off automatically to meet the demand limit settings. Discrete load identification means the solution provider’s software can designate levels of priority for the loads being controlled to minimize disruption to the user. The system’s low cost, ease of installation and added functionality means a solution provider can offer a high ROI.

Simple set-up: The emp.2 can be configured by a solution provider as a user friendly, “set and forget” energy management system that meets the needs of the typical electricity consumer. The powerful Energy Gateway Processor means the system set up requires no other local software or data processing and a web-based solution and support service can be offered.

Minimizing peak demand and variable pricing penalties: Many utility providers are implementing demand based or variable pricing models and the emp.2 system can be easily programmed by a solution provider to manage energy consumption to lower demand during typical higher tier periods to effectively reduce the overall electricity bill. The system’s unique ability to monitor discreet loads means that the solution provider can ensure that loads are not shut off unnecessarily; allow for prioritization of the loads being managed to minimize the impact to the user; and use the detailed power consumption data so that an optimal energy usage pattern can be achieved.