The emp.4 is the core of Akida’s wattGAUGE energy management system targeted to solution providers offering multi-functional automation for large buildings and industrial plants.

Current building automation systems marketed to the commercial real estate industry are focused on comfort and automation and can compound electricity demand costs. Industrial SCADA systems usually have no energy data gathering built into the platform, to help operations technicians manage these significant electricity demand charges. The emp.4 easily integrates into existing platforms to provide detailed energy related data and offer energy management features in BAC or SCADA systems. The emp.4 provides detailed granular data that can provide insight into how efficiently equipment is performing and system integrators can use this information to help users maximize efficiency in their maintenance operations and avoid unscheduled downtimes.

Central control and connectivity: The emp.4 has a built in Energy Gateway Processor and it serves as the interface point for access to data and connectivity into other hardware platforms. Systems with multiple panels can network the Energy Gateway Processors and have one of them designated as the system control server where data is aggregated and transferred to the Cloud or received via API by another platform.

Remote monitoring: The emp.4 provides remote true 3-phase monitoring capability to measure energy usage as well as provide data to evaluate how the equipment is performing so that unscheduled downtime can be minimized.

The panel has two-way wireless communication with the Energy Gateway Processor, which means no expensive cabling is necessary to install the system. Depending on the configuration, data packets can be generated every second and can report anomalies lasting milliseconds for real time monitoring.

Control: The Energy Gateway Processor allows integration with other e.LOK components such as e.STAT’s for control of air conditioners to reduce demand. AKIDA’s hardware components are designed to work with existing automation and control systems therefore the micro-relays in the hardware can be used to trigger larger relays and controllers that are used to power up the electrical equipment in the building or industrial process. The solution provider can use the two-way communication capability and real-time data to integrate AKIDA hardware into their existing platform.

Simple set-up: The emp.4 can be configured via the built in firmware in the Energy Gateway Processor to identify each system node and sensor and integrate the data into any software platform using an API.

Full control of energy costs: The emp.4 provides granular data on energy usage by specific equipment and the energy demand for the whole facility. This allows system integrators to adapt their existing control systems to provide effective control over energy consumption while also automating the facility.