Environmental parameters: The e.SENS is designed specifically to monitor the environmental parameters that can affect or be impacted by energy management decisions. It is powered by an external 5V power supply. The unit has on board digital sensors to provide granular data on the environment around it for humidity, temperature, light level and IR based occupancy. The unit can easily be installed by a qualified cabling technician and requires no electrical wiring.

When installed in a zone with an existing thermostat, the unit can be used to provide independent, digital readings for the temperature and humidity in an area that is more critical for the building occupancy. The data from the e.SENS is fed into the digital network and available for viewing on any compatible interface. The unit has an on-board FCC compliant radio to provide data via a wireless network and can also be paired wirelessly to other Akida hardware.


The product uses its on-board sensors to detect and monitor the humidity, temperature, light level and occupancy around it. The unit can be installed wherever the environment requires monitoring to provide more effective energy-management control decisions with minimal impact to comfort and operations. The on board patented TARAS energy management data system provides real-time readings on the environmental parameters and any changes in the readings. This data is then relayed using RF wireless frequency of 2.4GHz to a remote Energy Gateway processor in an EMP or a Control Server. The e.SENS, when integrated into a digital data network allows monitoring of the impact of control decisions and even automated adjustments to mitigate any adverse changes.